We are looking to start house churches in Hillsboro Oregon, if you would be interested, please call 971-248-0206, or you can click on the link below to register with us.

We are a resource for home churches around the world, to train and help people to start and maintain a home church that will produce fruit.

Our Founders have a proven track record over many years and millions of conversations, using successful discipleship training programs.

   1.  Start home churches whose main purpose and dedication is to win souls for Jesus.

  2.  Implant the DNA of being a fisher of Men as the main purpose in life for the new Christian.

  3.  Use discipleship training programs that have been proven and tested to produce disciples who make more disciples.

Please watch this video before you register in our network,  it tells a story of the supernatural growth of home churches around the world.


 Click on the link below for more information on our Home Churches: