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From the Beginning of our ministry (more than 10 years ago) our goal has been to build, train and develop a team around the would who would be trained to minister freedom to people in order to push back the kingdom of darkness (Depression, Anxiety, Fear, PTSD, Panic Attacks and Suicidal thoughts, all of these oppression’s are growing stronger all over the world.
We want to glorify Jesus by getting people free from these oppression’s and transforming them out of the kingdom of darkness, He is still setting the captives free, come join us….

Depression and the usually associated panic attacks are very common and can be brought on by Fear. If we can beat the spiritual side of Fear, we can get freedom from these oppression’s.

Depression panic attacks and fearAny traumatic event ( military, sexual abuse, car accident, etc )

Thinking a lot about and reliving what happened.

Having flashbacks of the event, having nightmares about the event.

Getting upset when reminded of the event, Self-destructive behavior, e.g. drinking too much, Negative thoughts and mood or feelings. startling easily, e.g. jumping at sudden noises.

Feeling irritable and having angry outbursts.

If you believe with your heart and speak with your mouth, you’ll have whatever you say. Today the science of Epigenetics, show the actual brain cells will change.

Fear will definitely make your heart pound faster, If you get fearful enough it gets worse.

Feeling of overwhelming fear     –    Feeling of going crazy or losing control

Feeling you are in grave danger –    Feeling you might pass out

 A surge of doom and gloom       –    An urgency to escape

 Dizziness, Trembling, Sweating  –    Shortness of breath

 Feeling detached from reality     –    Panic Attack / Chest pressure or pain

 Anxiety, worry, restlessness       –    Numbness and tingling sensations

               2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear

Crying to God to get rid of it for you doesn’t work, this is not faith, He has not given you a spirit of Fear 2 Tim 1:7. You have to face it down. As the Bible says, you have to Resist the fear that comes from the demonic spiritual realm James 4:7.

The guarantee from the Word of God, is that they will flee, and they will flee —guaranteed, by the finished work of Jesus.

You can have a person pray for you, if you have fear and the spirit of fear will go. However, when this spirit comes back to ‘check you out’, and you were never taught how to fight the fight of faith and resist the spirit of fear, oftentimes the fear will come back. This happens because you will think, “the prayer did not work, I must be doing something wrong. God did not answer my prayer, etc. etc.”

Until you deal with a spirit of fear yourself, it’s difficult to get complete freedom from fear and it will try to come back.

Fear can be real or imagined. The imagined kind of fear has spiritual roots.

Fear from PTSD or Depression, not having peace and joy, are all spiritual issues, and you bring the Scriptures (individually and as a group) to bear on these spiritual forces arrayed against you, you ARE going to have success in your pursuit of  freedom.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Author: Pastor Pat Buckley
Published on: May 4, 2016 @ 17:41

Best Prayer for Depression

Best Prayer for Depression

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Depression panic attacks and fear
Depression panic attacks and fear

Depression and the usually associated panic attacks are very common and can be brought on by Fear. If we can beat the spiritual side of Fear, we can get freedom from these oppression's.