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We have had people get set free from listening and watching the video’s a number of times.

I strongly suggest that you begin with the key biblical principles, write them down and pray them (believe in the heart, and speak with your mouth, and you will have whatever you say). Go over them until you have the revelation and make sure that you can write down these biblical principles, they are the key to building the foundation for freedom.

As most people who suffer from oppression’s have a problem with condemnation, I would suggest that you then go to Right before God teaching, then on to Spiritual understanding.

One of the main problems Christians have in overcoming oppression’s, is that they “lean on their own understanding”, try to avoid this deception from the wiles of the enemy.

 I will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding any of the video teaching.

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Key Biblical Principles:

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Pastor Pat Buckley